Vision and Mission


Education is the best gift we can bless a child with! We need to work together to make our children true leaders of tomorrow”. We aspire to impart quality and effective education through interactive learning process. The school aims to develop the scientific temper of students with progressive awareness. Simultaneously the humane values for fellow beings, tolerance and living in harmony is inculcated.

Our Mission

Our school recognizes that a pupil’s development is closely linked to a good self-image and so we strive to present the school’s total curriculum in such a manner as to allow all to realize their full potential. We see ourselves working in partnership with parents to develop the gifts and to meet the needs of all. We regard our school as an educational establishment characterized by care and justice. It is our wish that our pupils leave us with enhanced self-confidence and with life skills and attitudes which will enable them to lead lives which may contribute to the betterment of society. We challenge and inspire each student to achieve their dreams and to become a passionate learner prepared to adapt and contribute in a rapidly changing world.

Our Vision- Our students- Our Future

  • Quality and Effective education.
  • Develop confidence, creativity and commitment.
  • Inculcate cultural, social, spiritual and human values for holistic growth.
  • Help the child to develop effective communication skills.
  • To instill discipline, self confidence, punctuality and responsibility.
  • Nurture love for fellow beings, tolerance and living in harmony in a stress free environment.
  • To develop a positive attitude.