The school is well ventilated. Each block is well designed to meet the needs of the children. Proper care is taken to ensure that the cleanliness, sanitation and hygienic condition of the campus is maintained.

Learning through Activity:

Leaders offer an ample scope for interactive learning through the channels of various activities to enhance the growth of a child. A friendly ambience conducive to creative learning is maintained. Children are offered a number of activities like singing, dancing, football, indoor games, and learning musical instruments as per their individual interest. Special rooms have been allotted for music, dance and indoor games. These classes are maintained well for teaching classical and folk dances and vocal music to our students.

Class Rooms:

Each classroom is equipped with sophisticated & student friendly furniture & other requisite gadgets conducive to learning.


“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” The school library (dimension 30 x 20) contains a comprehensive reservoir of resource and reference materials, which are available to all the students. A rich and dynamic collection of books on various subjects, Reference books, Biographies and Autobiographies, Thesaurus, Fiction, Non-book materials, periodicals and dailies in different fields are available in the School Library for reference. No. of periodicals –18 No. of Dailies –8 No. of Reference books– 110 No. of Magazines –6 Others - 2074

Mathematics laboratory:

A well designed mathematics laboratory has been set up to explore problem solving capacity & develop mathematical skills.

Science lab:

We firmly believe in the demonstrative method rather than the traditional theory based approach for building up a coherent picture where science subjects are concerned. To fulfill this mission in the rapidly changing educational arena and to keep in touch with the latest technological facets, well-designed and fully equipped science laboratories have been set up for the students in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the CBSE. We have an open and divergent learning environment. The lab provides knowledge regarding the concepts, use of apparatus and chemicals, carrying out instruction manually in practical demonstrations, description of observation made while performing the practical, presentation skills, slide preparation, specimens viewing techniques and so and so forth. The mind is ignited into the world of experimentation, research, observation and importantly, critical and analytical thinking.

Computer lab :











The increasing use of technology in all aspects of society makes the knowledge of ICT an essential skill. To develop basic understanding of IT operations and information the School has a well maintained Computer laboratory. They are equipped with latest hardware and software to meet the needs of students.

Play Ground :

The school has a vast area as playground where the children are allowed to play which is necessary for their recreation and balanced growth.

Sports and Physical Fitness:

The school has specially trained staff to ensure the physical well-being of students. Physical Education periods in the regular school time table are supplemented by special coaching for both indoor and outdoor games, in the mornings and after school hours. Sports and games are encouraged in the school not with a view to promote competition but to look high beyond competition and participate in the events in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. We want all the students to participate in a wide range of enjoyable PE and sporting activities to the best of their ability. Inter-house competitions are organized all through the academic session which inculcate team spirit and train students to take on challenges within the school. The students are divided into four houses.  The Annual Sports Day held at the end of the academic year is a spectacular display of the skills acquired by students.

Co-curricular Activities:

Students are trained to inculcate a sense of responsibility, loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition to develop positive attitude in them. They are encouraged to participate in co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities and in inter-House competitions. Various Group discussions, paper presentations, projects and educational visits are conducted to develop the talents and skills of the students.

Annual Day:











The school celebrates its annual day function in the month of February every year. This day is an exhibition of events performed by our students in the presence of a large audience.


A digital class room, creates a brighter tomorrow for today’s student. With Teach next in the class rooms, teaching learning has become more assertive, interesting and interactive.


Special interest is taken to diagnose the academic backwardness of children in various areas. Once in a month we give counseling for students along with their parents.


Our school has been upholding the values of social services, love towards the nature, compassion towards living things, charitable works etc. This year also we joined our hands with Malayala Manorama Nallapadom Project.


We are proud to have a band troop which is fully equipped. The troop is fully trained and we are lucky for having Mr.Sajeevan,former SI of Adoor, as band trainer.


To communicate with parents the school started SMS Services, this is a golden step of our school.


School election is meant to establish democratic attitude among students which help them to develop a sense of leadership and to promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development. We had elected the Head Boy and Head Girl through Secret Ballet System. Simultaneously student cadets have been chosen for discipline duty also.


Lourdes Park is designed with a view of using the school yard as a class room, reconnecting students with the natural world, and to teach them valuable gardening and agriculture concepts and skills that integrate with several subjects such as Maths, Science, Art, Health, Physical Education and Social Studies as well as several educational goals including personal and social responsibility. Students learn focus and patience, co-operation, teamwork, social skills and self-confidence. It is loaded with plants, playthings and sculpture works.


The system of educating children has to be different. It has to be combined with certain practices which can remove their psychological blocks, which can make them aware of the psychological changes that happen in their body and brain, which can make them aware of their own distractions and which can give them the ability to focus on the theme of the subject they are studying. We are organizing yoga so that students and teachers develop body-mind awareness and the ability to nurture their own well-being


Karate children are able to not only achieve a massive improvement in their grades but also, it helps them in their life in the areas such as self esteem and confidence, focus and self discipline, physical and mental strength, emotional stress and health, honesty, self awareness , respect and self defence.We are successfully training children under the guidance of an instructor.


Dance is a natural method for learning and a basic form of cultural expression. Through dance, children develop enhanced sensory awareness, cognition, and consciousness. We are happy that education provide our children with the developmental benefits and unique learning opportunities that come from organizing movement into the aesthetic experience of dance.


Music nurtures the human spirit, promotes personal development, and is central to learning and the creative process. Music and the arts are as essential to a well-rounded education as literacy, math and science. Music, both in and out of the classroom, promotes physical well-being and social understanding. The guidance of the instructor encourages students to learn and grow through music