One of the most significant factors in education is the quality of our teachers who cultivate a creative environment in the teaching and learning. While our meritorious faculty members continue to expand frontiers with cutting-edge research, they focus their efforts where it matters most – on the students. The school has well qualified, competent and experienced teachers with years of teaching experience in diverse subjects.

The faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on a regular basis and are often deputed for refresher courses both within and out of the district. Special classes are programmed to complete portions in advance.

Our teachers are not only experts in their fields, they are passionate professionals who love to teach and it shows. Their inspiring and up-to-date instruction can turn ordinary ideas into extra ordinary experiences. Our dedication to teaching excellence makes our classes stimulating, sought-after and worthy of serious consideration.

Some of the criteria used to carefully select our teachers include a proven track record in:

  • Teaching excellence
  • Knowledge of the latest developments in educational techniques, resources and methods.
  • Providing support, motivation and praise, and encouraging a creative atmosphere in the classroom.
  • The skill to blend the care and discipline, energy, learning and imagination that good teaching requires.
  • Being highly critical and deeply concerned about creating improvement in teaching standards and educational procedures.
  • Concern for the moral development of students in accordance with our common values and culture.

Faculty Details for Lourdes Matha Public School

Mrs. Beena Abraham
M.A, B.Ed
Mrs.Beena Abraham
Vice- Principal
M.A, B.Ed
3Rev.Sr.Alphonse Thomas
M.A, B.Ed
4Mrs.Bindhulekha I BB.A, B.Ed
5Mrs.Priya S
M.A, B.Ed
6Mrs.Ajayakumary M R
B.A, B.Ed
7Mrs.Shainy BabyB.A, B.Ed
8Mrs.Bincy SamM.Sc, B.Ed,SET
9Mrs.Daisykutty T PB.Sc, B.Ed
10Mr.Renson Raju
11Mrs.Saiby Avarachan
B.Sc, B.Ed
12Mrs.Saranya Unnikrishnan
13Mrs.Saritha SB.Sc, B.Ed
14Mrs.Ajithakumary M PM.A, B.Ed
15Mrs. Remya V MohanB.A, B.Ed
16Mr. Rahul R PM.A, B.Ed
17Mrs. Sawmiyamol SM.A, MTTC
18Mrs. Sijumon P RB Sc, B.Ed
19Mrs. Dhanya KarthikeyanB.A, B.Ed
20Mrs. Akhila T AnilB.A, B.Ed
21Mrs. Rejitha R PB.A, PPTTC, PGDCA
22Mr. Rahul R JB.A, B.P.Ed
23Mrs. Sunitha KumaryB.Sc, PPTTC
24Mr. Adithya U GMCA
25Raseena PB.Sc,MA, BP B.Ed
26Mrs. Lijimol JPPTTC
27Ancy SabuMontessory TTC
28Sr. DhanyaPPTTC
1Jissa Maria JamesMSW
Non-Teaching Staff
1Akhil APeon
2Molly JoseAyah
4Leena ShajiAyah